10 Things That Can Help You Control Your Anger


Anger is a natural and sometimes beneficial emotion that reflects our inner state. It instinctively helps us recognize and respond to dangerous situations. Anger can also be a great driving force to help us start doing really good things. Despite this, uncontrollable anger is often a cause of stress and problems in relationships with colleagues, relatives, friends, the outside world, and even with yourself.

In Viral Scratch, we’ve gathered 10 ways to manage your anger and take its destructive powers under your control.

10. Get some form of love and affection.

Something as simple as a friendly hug can easily help you manage your anger because it boosts your levels of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that relieves stress and discomfort. It will leave you happier and more content no matter the situation.
9. Write the reasons why you’re angry down and destroy them.

Write through your anger: Write down in great detail every reason you’re angry and frustrated. This can take an enormous amount of stress out of your body.

Pay attention to every little thing that annoys you and describe it in as much detail as possible. Free your mind from these thoughts. Then you can either get rid of the list or even better destroy it, relieve stress once and for all.

8. Chew some gum.

Science has proven that chewing gum can help you overcome terrible hostility towards everyone around you. This is because when you actively move your jaw, the muscles in your face and body slowly release tension.

So, have some chewing gum on hand for particularly bad days and you’ll notice a huge difference in how you react to different situations.

7. Go for a walk or even better, a run.

You need to try some physical exercise in one form or another. Run a mile, walk for 20 minutes, or do push-ups – each of these activities will help your brain produce endorphins known as the happiness hormones that burn energy that can turn into hate and discomfort.
6. Sing your favorite song.

It may sound surprising, but singing is a great way to reduce a great deal of stress and anger. Play your favorite song when in a bad mood, stay in a secluded place, and enjoy singing your song as hard as possible. This can relax the tension in your muscles and leave you in a more pleasant mood than you can imagine.

5. Eat something crunchy.

Don’t overeat, of course, because you probably don’t want to get angry at yourself later, but snack on something crunchy when you feel particularly angry about something.

Humans enjoy listening to crunchy sounds, and thus it relaxes the mind. It can also help relieve tension in your jaw.

4. Blow on your thumb.

If you feel your heart is racing due to your anger and frustration, you may want to try something unexpected but very effective – a stroke of your thumb. It may sound funny, but your thumb has its own pulse, and by puffing on it, you calm your pulse and slow your heart rate.

3. Do some house work.

You may find this idea disgusting, but hear us out. Doing reckless or repetitive housework will calm you down in no time. Work on your houseplants, take care of your pet, tidy up your wardrobe or just try to arrange the drawers, and you will be amazed at how quickly you will reach a calm state of mind.

9. Stand near a plant.

Given that just being close to the plant for 10 minutes will help fill your brain with much-needed oxygen, you might want to find some greenery nearby.

You will think more clearly, so you will have an easier time getting rid of your anger. Moreover, you can have some jasmine or lavender to inhale their scent which is great for anxiety relief and restful sleep.

10. Set a timer for dealing with your anger.

The easiest and fastest way to manage your anger can be as simple as setting a timer. When you really notice how much time you have to get angry before you have to get to your next task, you consider your anger unimportant.

So look at a phone or watch timer and make sure you can do more amazing things than just feel angry.