Surprising Uses Of Different Household Items


What do old TV antennas, Solo cups, ridges on coins, and coat hangers have in common? While they seem like just regular everyday household items, they actually have secrets and tricks which you most likely never noticed before.

These items will help you solve a number of pesky issues around the house if you repurpose them! Trips to Target and Home Depot will be dramatically reduced once you start doing the life hacks which we have gathered for you.

Keep reading to see simple hacks which will make your life much easier.


Wine Bottle Dip

If you like drinking wine, you might have already noticed that a wine bottle has a dip at its end, but did you know it is more than simply an interesting design quirk?

The name of this part is the kick-up or punt, and it gives the bottle more stability in order to prevent it from breaking or falling over due to some strong gust of wind. Also, it makes the bottle stronger to hold in sparkling wine and champagne. Lastly, before pouring wine in, the kick-up helps in the cleaning of the bottle because it makes distributing steam easier.


Shirt Loops

These loops are found not only on t-shirts but also on nice collared shirts. Apparently, this practice started with the Navy. Since there is not a lot of closet space at sea, sailors use these loops for hanging their shirts on hooks.

College students in the ‘60s used them to keep shirts wrinkle-free and neat at the gym. Nowadays, manufacturers add them as a sign of class and quality.


Gas Gauge Arrow

You may have noticed this if you drive a car – next to the gas gauge of every car that was manufactured from 2010 onwards is an arrow pointing to the left or right. This reminds the driver which side of the vehicle the gas cap is found on!

If you have been driving the car for some time, perhaps you do not need the reminder, but it is useful if you are using a brand-new vehicle or a rental car. If you ask us, this sounds pretty handy.


Charcoal Purifies Air And Removes Odors

You can purchase some activated bamboo charcoal at home goods stores. It can be used to purify the air and remove odors – no need for pricey air purifiers or baking soda here. In addition, it can remove allergens and bacteria.

Just put this kind of charcoal in mesh bags and place them in areas with foul odors. The company BreathGreen Charcoal Bags sells its products for $10 each.


Random Jean Buttons

Close-up on the front pockets of a blue jeans

If you like wearing jeans, you are probably familiar with the extra buttons all over your pants, often found near the pockets. You probably do not have any idea what the buttons are for, but they are actually pretty important.

Called rivets, these buttons are strategically placed on the garment to stop it from ripping open at the seams when it gets worn out.

Jeans giant Levi Strauss owns the patent on rivets and he thought up the idea when he found out about miners complaining about their jeans getting easily worn out back in 1829.


Extra Fabric With New Clothes

Sometimes new clothes come with a tiny bag which has an extra piece of fabric. While people might have assumed that the fabric is for patching up tears and rips, it is actually intended for something else.

It is meant to serve as a trial cloth that you can use in order to find out whether it will bleed or shrink in the wash. It is much better to know how a new item of clothing will react in the wash before you actually was it, so this will fix that!


Pot Handle Holes

A professional cook knows why pan and pot handles have a hole. Firstly, it is easier to hang these pieces of kitchenware up when not in use. This is an excellent way to ensure they dry properly after washing them.

Aside from that chefs like to use the hole for holding a stirring spoon, ladle, and other utensils. This is quite a convenient way to keep the utensil clean!


Winter Hat Pom-Poms

Winter hats are essential in keeping our heads warm and comfy in the winter, but have you noticed the pom-poms which sometimes come with these items of clothing? The fashion feature can be traced back to Scandinavia.

When knitting was still really common, the pom-pom was added to gather the seams. This is not the case anymore, but the adorable feature lives on!


Airplane Window Holes

You might have noticed a tiny hole in the window of the airplane when you sat in the window seat and freaked out a little, but do not worry because you are not alone. Maybe you are wondering why it even exists. Well, it is called the breather hole and it lets the airplane’s outer panes manage the pressure difference during the times the airplane flies higher.

This allows the cabin to stay at a safe and comfortable level. If the outer pane ever got compromised, an air leak should be noticed through the tiny hole!

Black Grating In The Microwave

We are pretty sure you have never inspected your microwave closely, but the black grating found on its door is quite easy to notice.

Called the Faraday shield, it keeps the electromagnetic fields inside the microwave and prevents them from warming people. Without it, heating food would be dangerous.

Dimples On Golf Balls

If you take a closer look at golf balls, you will notice that they are not really round and have dimples all over their surface.

Apparently, golfers in the past noticed balls which have nicks, and bumps usually travel a longer distance. Since the imperfections create turbulence, there is a reduction in drag.

This is why they started making golf balls with dimples in order to create more lift. However, it won’t be of much help if you are just playing putt-putt.

Long Bottle Necks

Have you ever wondered why adult beverages are in long necked bottles? This shape actually makes it more comfortable to hold beers during longer periods of time. Also, it allows easy pouring if you want to drink beer in a glass or mug.

Unfiltered beers commonly come in long-necks that has a more bulbous neck in order to capture sediments. You should thank them since long necks distribute heat all over the bottle as well.

Can Tabs

If you have experience opening a can of soda, then you are already familiar with can tabs. If you are like many people, you most likely find tabs annoying because they tend to detach and fall inside the can!

Apparently, these tabs had been designed to serve as a straw holder, but nowadays, most people drink straight from the can. The mouth was even widened a while back in order to make this easier!

Takeout Boxes

We especially adore Chinese takeout whenever we’re too tired to whip something up. Many people also eat it out of the carton, but the truth is the takeout boxes were actually designed flat since they are meant to be a plate. With the food still inside, pull the sides apart then lay it on the table.

If this is done correctly, you can enjoy your food on a perfectly usable plate!