Most Effective Tips to Get Rid of Rats Without Killing Them


Rats/Mice are the ultimate nuisances. They have troubled mankind since the beginning. People have used a lot of different methods to get rid of rats. If they have intruded into your home then they will contaminate your food, water, spoil your clothes, furniture, breed, and cause even more trouble. They can even carry diseases.

Rats are good only in Disney, in the real world, they are real trouble. Rats can live anywhere they can find a comfortable shelter, food, and water to survive. They can be present in your attic, yard, home, or in old walls or trees. They know how to dig their way out.

If you also are looking for ways to get rid of rats then you have landed at the most suitable place. I am going to tell you the most powerful ways to get rid of rats. Those bloody rats will go away and will never dare to come back.

1. Plant Mint to Get Rid of Rats in Yard

If you keep seeing rats in your yard and want to get rid of those things then plant mint in your yard. Rats hate mint and their smell. They will stay away from the place

If the rat’s population is a common problem in your entire neighborhood then all the neighborhood people should plant mint outside their homes and this way the rats’ problem will be solved forever. Also, the strong smell of mint will keep other rodents too.

2. Mothballs to get rid of rats

This is another powerful trick used by some people to get rid of rats. Not only rats, by using this trick you can keep rats, snakes, skunks, etc. In this method, a plastic bottle, water, and mothballs are used. The trick is to fill half bottle with water and add some mothballs to it. Make some holes in the top of the bottle so that the scent could come out.

Rats hate the smell of mothballs so they won’t come near that area. Also, the mothballs are not soluble in water so once installed this method will work for a long time.

3. Electrocution traps to get rid of rats

Electrocution traps are used nowadays by many people to get rid of rats. These are the traps or chambers which attract the mice and then pass a lethal current that kills them.

If you can get an electrocution trap at your place then you can use it. However, keep it away from children. Or you can use other methods to get rid of rats.

4. Ammonia to get rid of rats

Another effective method to keep the rats away from your home. Ammonia has a strong pungent smell that keeps rats and other little animals away from your house.

Add two cups of ammonia to a glass of water and add 2 cups of detergent to it. Place this solution to a rat prone area like your attic or garbage can. This solution acts as a great rat’s repellent and you will get rid of them.

5. Use ultrasound to keep rats away

Human ears cannot hear a sound with intensity less than 20 Hz (ultrasound) but rats can hear ultrasound and it makes them panic.

Go to a local home improvement shop and buy a device that emits ultrasound beeps. Now place this device in the path that rats frequently visit. Mice hate ultrasound and they will go away. Though it is a temporary solution because after some time the rats may get used to it.

6. Peppermint Oil to get rid of rats

If you are looking for humane home remedies to get rid of rats then you should go with this one. The peppermint smell is too strong for rats to handle. It will repel them and thus you will get rid of them without killing them.

Peppermint oil is available in all drug stores. So, get some peppermint oil from there and take a few cotton balls. Now dip the cotton ball in peppermint oil and place them in rat prone areas like near your kitchen, heat vents, attic, near furniture or garbage can. Replace the cotton balls every 5-6 days with fresh ones.

7. Dried Snake Litter or Cat Litter to get rid of rats

Visit your local zoo and buy some snake litters. Or you can get some cat litters from a pet store. Place them at rats’ entry points or place where rats like to visit. Rats fear snake and cats and so they will stay away from the place. Keep the children away from litters.

I hope my article on how to get rid of rats will help you. Besides, you should keep your house clean. Don’t spill food or bread crumbs here and there. If you have children in your house then you should be super careful. You should also seal all the possible entry points for rats. Cover your garbage can with a lid. Don’t leave your food uncovered, remove the leftovers.

I have listed the humane ways(except the electrocution) to repel rats that will help you to get rid of rats without killing them. Keep your children or pets away while you are using any of these treatments.