10 Natural Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure also called hypertension can invite many dangerous diseases. It is also called ‘silent killer’. High blood pressure affects a lot of people. In fact, if I go by the figures then you will be surprised to know that every 1 in 3 adults in the United States suffers from high blood pressure.

While some people are already getting treatments for it many of them don’t even know that they have high blood pressure because this disease won’t show any symptoms until the pressure has crossed 180/110 mmHg which is dangerously high.

We made a list of Smart Ways and Food that will naturally Treat Your High Blood Pressure. How many of these do you already know about it?

10 . Maintain a healthy weight
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If you want to lower your blood pressure, the first thing you may hear from your doctor is “weight loss.” Exposure to a higher weight can increase your risk of high blood pressure. However, being overweight does not automatically give you high blood pressure, and losing weight does not automatically get rid of the problem.

As a heavy woman, I don’t like going to the doctor’s office and hearing “lose some weight” as their only medical advice.

So keep in mind that weight is a small side of high blood pressure. Instead of worrying about your weight, focusing on healthy eating appears to be more productive.

9. Lemons in the morning
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If you do not have high blood pressure then you should drink a glass of warm lemon water and if you have high blood pressure then you must drink warm lemon water the first thing in the morning. In short, everyone should.

Lemons are loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals and infections. It makes blood vessels soft and flexible.

8. Garlic to treat high blood pressure
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Garlic reduces blood pressure. Add garlic to your diet. You can also consume raw garlic with honey in the morning. The science behind garlic reducing blood pressure is that it releases nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide which helps in reducing bad cholesterol in our body and reduces the blood pressure

  • Take a clove of garlic and crush it. Add some honey to it and swallow it. It might cause some burning sensation but that’s normal
  • If you don’t like it with honey then have it with some milk. Take some crushed garlic and take it along a cup of milk.
  • Add garlic to your cooking. The garlic flavour is delicious so you will also have tasty food while consuming garlic.
  • Take some garlic and put them in a blender. Now extract the juice. Add about 5-6 drops of garlic juice in water and drink it. Do it once in the morning and once in the evening.

This is a very effective home remedy for high blood pressure. Many people have reported highly positive results with it.


7.Cinnamon to decrease blood pressure
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Start adding cinnamon to your diet because this ingredient also works in lowering high blood pressure. Also, it improves the taste of food so what’s wrong with it?

You can sprinkle cinnamon powder in your salad, morning breakfast, cereal in your tea/coffee. Consume it daily to control your blood pressure.

6. Decrease salt intake to half

A high intake of salt is a profound reason for high blood pressure. Decreasing the amount of salt consumption will go a long way in controlling high blood pressure.

Cut your salt intake to half right from today or tomorrow. You might find food tasteless but it’s just a matter of some days until you get used to it and once you get used to trying to decrease your salt intake even more.


5. Basil to control high blood pressure
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Another home remedy to decrease high blood pressure. Basil is used in many natural treatments. It’s a great herb. Basil extract can control your blood pressure.

Basil can lower your blood pressure briefly and it certainly cannot harm. You can add fresh basil leaves to salads, soups or pasta. There are many ways to consume it.

4. Add more potassium to your diet.

Potassium not only helps regulate heart rate, but it can also reduce the effects of sodium in the body. The most effective way to increase potassium intake is by adjusting your diet, rather than taking nutritional supplements. Potassium-rich foods include:

  • Fruits such as bananas, melons, oranges, apricots, avocados, and tomatoes
  • Yogurt, yogurt, and cheese
  • Leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, and sweet potatoes
  • Tuna and salmon
  • bean
  • Nuts and seeds

While incorporating these foods into your diet can improve heart health, it is essential to speak with your doctor about the level of potassium that is right for you. Also, if you have primary kidney disease, you should avoid consuming too much potassium, because your kidneys may not be able to eliminate it.

3. Exercise Daily
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You know one of the most prominent reasons for high blood pressure is lack of physical activity and obesity. If you really want to lower your blood pressure numbers then you better start moving.

Daily exercise including fat burning exercises, cardio, and Yoga go a long way in reducing high blood pressure.

Start with a safe and light exercise routine. You must do exercises daily for  25 minutes at least. It will not only decrease the blood pressure but will also help you lose weight and stay fit.

2. Watermelon Seeds
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A great home remedy to decrease high blood pressure. Watermelon seeds have cucurbocitrin which gets converted to nitric oxide inside our body. It can widen our arteries, making them more flexible and can also improve the functioning of the kidney.

Watermelon seeds not only lower down blood pressure numbers but also ease in arthritis. In fact, drinking watermelon juice is also effective in reducing high blood pressure. Studies have shown that watermelon has a vasodilatory effect.

  • Take equal amount of watermelon seeds and poppy seeds
  • Grind them and make a paste
  • Take 1 tbsp of this mixture every morning
1. Hibiscus to regulate blood pressure
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Hibiscus is used in many parts of the world to manage blood pressure. Even studies have also proved its influence. Hibiscus is diuretic and it can drain out excess sodium from blood and decrease pressure. Hibiscus can copy ACE inhibitors and can relax the blood capillaries.

How to use hibiscus to lower down blood pressure naturally

  • Boil half cup of water and add 2 tbsp of dried hibiscus leaves to it
  • Add 1-2 cinnamon sticks to it
  • Let it steep for about 5 minutes
  • Add some drops of lemon to it for taste and drink it
  • Drink this concoction 3 times a day to decrease the blood pressure

Do you know other effective ways to lower blood pressure? Write about it in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friend and parents