How to Travel Cheap: 9 Tips for Traveling – You Must Know


Why is everyone always traveling the world? and I can’t afford it? Well, two reasons, you might not know how to travel efficiently, or you are buying way too much stuff that you don’t need and not saving money for the most important thing in the world. Here are 9 of my best tips to help you travel the world on a budget. N° #6 Will Surprise You.

1. Book using a private window.

Make sure you clear your browser cookies and even use a private incognito Window while searching for flights.
Websites track if you’ve looked at these prices before and they bump up the prices. So for everyone’s benefit, use a private window.


2.  Getting really good flights.

Getting really good flights is an art form by use websites and apps, Such as Momondo, Skyscanner, and because you can actually select flying from your local airport anywhere, and it’s gonna list flights from cheapest to the most expensive. So if you’re flexible. with where you wanna go, this is perfect, the world is your oyster, get on it.


3. Book far in advance

If the destination is really popular, such as Iceland or Turkey, you need to get in early because everything is so expensive leading up because it is a very popular destination.

If a destination is relatively unknown, you can book closer to the date because sometimes accommodation in Airbnb, for example, is slashed so dramatically closer to the date, but there is a risk involved. This could turn out to be a disaster and work against you and everything is actually more expensive, so use this tip with caution.


4. Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday

Usually, it’s a lot cheaper flying on these dates, but this is not always accurate so check Momondo, Skyscanner, and so forth. Sometimes even going day-by-day to try to identify where the cheapest flight dates are.

If you don’t have a flexible schedule it’s still wise to look up the cheapest days to fly, then ask for time off, and then book those flights, instead of the other way around.


5. Stay in hostels.

  • Dorm rooms are fine,
  • Mixed dorm rooms are fine.
  • The large dorm rooms are fine.

If you are a feminine and a small amount nervous, keep in AN all-female building, Just book whatever you’re comfortable with. But basically, just don’t shy away from hostels cause they’re awesome, you meet people so easily.

Another option, Airbnb is awesome, can stay in your own room, you can have the entire apartment to yourself.
Sometimes there are just unreal deals, especially if you book for about a month at a time, you get discounts of 35-50% off.
So, when looking for accommodation make sure you check hostels and AirBnB because you could be surprised.

6. Save your stuff by not getting it stolen

Referring to the tip above. It doesn’t happen very often, but please, for the love of God, lock up all your stuff when you are leaving the hostel to go explore. Put it in a locker, everything, no matter how nice your roommates might seem, it could be always cautious and, pack everything away.

7. Find the Cheapest Transport

For transport, just find the cheapest way to get from A B Just find the cheapest way to get from A to B.
So if you’re in Europe, it’s very easy catching buses. If you’re flying long distances, maybe it’s easier to fly to a big airport in a nearby area and then catching a bus, or a local plane, or a train from that destination.

Flying to smaller airports is always gonna be generally more expensive, so just try to find what is the closest.

8. Fly with cabin baggage only.

So these days, it’s unreal because lots, almost all, airline carriers allow you to have so much luggage on the actual plane, so for example, Carry a backpack and other backpacks with a camera when you’re flying, and that’s enough for my entire trip, for months at a time.

There’s no reason why you would need anything more than that. So, a carry-on suitcase and a backpack, you’re good to go. If you are a notorious, over-packer, halve whatever you think you wanna bring and then halve it again. This is the rule that always goes for, and I still have way too much stuff when you’re traveling,

9. Staying healthy

The road is very important, so if you wanna work out and save some cash, you can do so at a local outdoor gym, which is free. Or apps such as TrainAway will give you really great deals on local gyms.

I hope You enjoy this article and don’t forget to share it with your traveler’s Friends and family.