How To Apply Perfect Lipstick Like Celebs – Step By Step


A perfect eye and look makeup can steal the show. Even if you skip the eye makeup a perfect lip makeup can do almost all the things. It is said that a women’s smile is the most beautiful thing about her so, what about smile with attractive luscious lips? There is no match for that.

We always dream of applying lipsticks like our favorite celebs or models.  We get all the accessories but still are not able to apply lipstick with that perfection. So, what is their secret after all? How do their lips look so attractive? Well, don’t worry. You are going to know about that very shortly. We are going to tell you how to apply perfect lipstick like professionals.

How to Apply Perfect Lipstick Like Professionals – Step by Step

1. Prepare your lips for lipstick

You cannot directly apply lipstick on your lips. You need to prepare your lips for lipstick so that you get to apply the lipstick correctly and make it last longer. Exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead cells and dirt. You can use a soft toothbrush for it too.

After exfoliation, the next part is to moisturize your lips. After moisturization, your lips will become smooth, easy to apply lipstick on.

2. Apply Lip Liner

Lip liner is important for shaping your lips. If you plan to apply a light lipstick then do not use a dark liner for it. If you are going to apply a bold color then you can choose a dark color lip liner.

3. Apply Your Lipstick

Fill the lipstick as shown in this video. You need to start from the centre of your lips and from there to outward to both the corners. Choose a lipstick that compliments your skin tone.

4. Put The Second Layer Of Lipstick

Apply a second coat of lipstick to make it look even and full.

5. Dab some powder on your lips to make it last longer

Dab some powder on your lips to make it last longer. Clean the outer edges with your concealer. You can use concealer to shape your lips.

6. Use lip gloss to add shimmer if you want

If you want to add a shiny shimmer to your lipstick then add some lip gloss over the lipstick. However, do not dab too much.