9 Effective Tips to Travel Cheap


 1 – Volunteer

Check out Workaway or similar pages on places you can stay for free, eat for free, and you just do a little bit of work in return.


2 – Cooking is always wise

When you’re on the road because it is the cheapest. Just ask your Airbnb host or the hostel staff where their cheapest Supermarket is, and if possible, shop at the local markets, it’s cheaper, healthier, fresher, plastic-free, delicious.
If you are eating out, try to do so at lunch because the deals at lunchtime are much better than dinner deals.
And also, ask the locals where the cheapest places are to eat out, and the good ones, because there are so many tourist traps for restaurants. Avoid those, as much as you can, and follow the locals’ advice.


3 – Don’t Go with Guide

When it comes to excursions or tours and massive group tours, Don’t participate because you don’t know who tour guide is, going to the boring same-old tourist destinations. “Unless it’s my tour, of course, which is super fun.”
So oftentimes, Rent a car and do the tour outline by yourself or with friends, you can stop whenever and take photos.
Or if you’re looking to do a boat tour, for example, you clearly can’t do that by yourself, speak to the locals.
Stalk people on Instagram that live there and ask them questions about if they know the best places to do a boat tour, or if you’re in Asia, speak to the local fisherman, maybe they can take you on their boat. Basically, just ASK. Questions get you very far if you just are willing to ask.


4- Take free classes or walking tours.

There are a lot of free classes out there and walking tours are almost in every single city. Usually, it’s for a tip, but that’s still way cheaper than having to go on a big tour and paying way too much.


5- Don’t buy souvenirs,

They just clog up your space and they probably break in your backpack. Stick to taking photos and creating memories,
it’s gonna be way more valuable.


6 – Plan to travel during off-peak periods.

Iceland, as an example, is considerably dearer in summer. Costa Rica has this beautiful rainy season that most people stay away from because they just hear rainy season and they just think it’s constantly raining, but actually, it’s beautiful throughout the day and in the evening starts raining like crazy.

But you’ll love it, it’s luscious, it green, and there are not many people. Some islands in Croatia have a three-month travel period because it’s the school holidays and after that, almost day-to-day it’s black and white, it becomes empty, and that’s a great time to travel. Even though a lot of things are closed at the time, there are still a few very cute restaurants open and it’s a lot quieter and cheaper.


7 – Use a VPN to find the cheapest deals.

Sometimes when you’re searching from a location, it ups the price because it’s a rich country you might be searching from. Sometimes, playing around with your VPN and pretending like you’re searching from a different country allows you to get cheaper deals and this can save you a ton of money.


8 – Do your research.

Some places have incredibly cheap flights, and then you get there, and you have a massive shock because Prices are expensive. Iceland and turkey fall into that category.
A very quick search of accommodation prices are gonna help you determine if you are able to travel to that place.
So first, search for accommodation, then flights, then see if you can actually travel there.


9 – Buy a SIM card in the local country

Buy a SIM card in the local country because it’s a lot cheaper than paying for your massive fees from your phone.