10 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails Once and for All


When trying to combat the habit of biting nails, we need practical advice that can be easily implemented without having to put in much effort. Whether we bite them because of anxiety, anger, or boredom, we do so without awareness.

Not realizing something makes fighting hard, and only practical advice can do the job. So Here Are 10 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails Once and for All

1. Cut them as much as you can.

Always keep your nail clippers nearby. As soon as you notice that your nails have grown a little longer, cut them off. Even that chipped little nail should be cut, not bitten.

So when the urge starts, grab your nail clippers. When they are small, they won’t be as satisfying to bite.

2. Wear gloves or bandage up the fingers.

Since it’s hard to catch yourself before you go for a bite, you should consider covering your nails. There are 2 ways you can do this: either bandage your nails or wear gloves.

Once you bandage your nails, it will be a constant reminder that you shouldn’t bite them. In fact, you can even use clear tape as a more discreet option. Gloves are also great for when you’re at home because you won’t need to change the tape or bandage constantly.

3. Find activities to keep your fingers busy.

This can vary from person to person. We all have different hobbies, so it’s good to think about using one as a defense mechanism. Create illustrations, paint, knit, or simply sit on your hands, fold them together, put them in your pocket or try doodling or clicking a pen.

4. Keep your mouth busy.

Keeping your mouth busy will go a long way in preventing nail-biting. You will see that after a while the urge to bite your nails will go away. Start chewing gum and eating hard candy or mints. You can also keep a water bottle nearby and take a sip every time you reach your fingernails.

5. Bitter-flavored nail polish

Use a nail polish that has a bitter flavor. It is a safe chemical with a very strong and long-lasting flavor. When you apply it, make sure to cover the entire nail with the surrounding skin. Its awful taste will repel you. Make a habit of applying this nail polish every morning.

6. Moisturize your hands when the urge starts.

Think of this method as 2 positive habits. Keep the hand moisturizer with you and use it when the urge to bite arises. This will not only distract you, but you will also keep the skin on your hands soft and hydrated.


7. Keep a nail file close to you.

Get yourself a few nail files and put them around the house, in your pocket, and in your purse. That way, you won’t have an excuse to bite your nails. When the pulse starts, grab your nail file and start taking care of your nails one by one.

8. Place a rubber band on your wrist and focus on it when the urge starts.

Placing a rubber band on your wrist will help to deter the urges. So when you lift your arm to bite your nails, start playing with the rubber band instead.

9. Use your phone to keep your fingers busy.

Your phone can now become your best friend and your helper. But since we pass our free time by scrolling through social media, one of our hands is often free, which becomes a target for biting. Download a few games that require 2 hands to play. You can also start writing some stories in your notes just to get your attention away from your nails.

10. Use visual reminders.

Fill your home with notes so when you look up, left, or right, you get reminded that you should put your hands down. You can also change your wallpaper and lock screen with a note or photo that will keep you motivated.



“I bit my nails for 20 years. The first photo was taken in July 2019 and the second in December 2019. My self-confidence is back.”